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York, PA, has a growing real estate market with a wide variety of housing. From condos and duplexes to row houses and other attached homes, the city’s residential real estate is among the most affordable in the state of Pennsylvania. Although the area attracts a steady stream of new residents, the market has a significant amount of vacant homes. This makes it necessary to market luxury homes more aggressively through professional York, PA, real estate photography.


Professional real estate photographers in York, PA, have the training, experience and specialized skills needed to bring out the essential features of each home. Hiring a real estate photographer in York allows you to:

  • List properties with photos that make viewers click and read the full description
  • Attract more buyers and improve your profile as a productive and efficient real estate agent
  • Take pictures with the widest angles that reveal the architectural beauty of the homes you want to sell

Hiring our York, PA, real estate photographers will allow you to have an edge over other real estate brokers with:

Faster Sales: 

When your listing is posted online with superior photos, it’ll attract more clicks and sell faster than other listings with amateur photos. Most of the homes we photograph are sold within 30 days.

Photos That Portray Key Selling Points

Our photographers are trained to take shots of homes from angles that reveal the most attractive aspects of a home. Not all front views do well in listings, but we ensure that, with adequate preparation of the property and professional editing, your client’s property stands out among others.

Opportunity to Attract Higher Prices

High value or luxury homes with aerial tours and professional real estate pictures easily attract higher prices. Buyers who see aerial tours naturally perceive the house should attract a higher price

Photos That Attract Clicks, Saves and Shares

When you post a listing on a popular property site like Zillow, you’ll be competing with hundreds or thousands of other properties within the same area or price point. But, with a professionally photographed and edited picture, you’ll naturally capture the attention of qualified buyers and get them to click on it, save the listing or share with their friends on social media.


All the photos we take undergo a thorough quality control process and professional photo editing. We check everything from orientation and background to color contrast and brightness, ensuring each picture is flawless. We provide photos that have:

Accurate Whites

All white walls, ceilings and moldings appear in brilliant white.

Blue Skies

We add blue skies to enhance the external beauty of a home.

Perspective Correction

Photos come out with perfectly aligned edges, and straight lines appear without distortion.

Twilight Conversion

Every home can be given a unique twilight appearance without the need to schedule a twilight photo session.

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Jimmy Plessinger

President, real estate exposures

Professional photography and virtual media has been proven to sell listings faster and for more money. At Real Estate Exposures we know this is your livelihood -- you're in great hands!