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Table of Contents

  1. How Do You Network in Real Estate?
  2. Why Go To Networking Events For Real Estate Agents?
  3. Real Estate Agent Networking Questions to Ask
  4. Networking Tips for Real Estate Agents

For real estate agents, networking is crucial to make new contacts and find new potential clients. While you may spend much of your time prospecting and working on listings or meeting with clients, getting to know others in your industry is essential.

How Do You Network in Real Estate?

There are many ways to network, including:

  • Volunteering
  • Taking part in mentorship programs for real estate professionals
  • Attending Chamber of Commerce events in your area
  • Going to networking groups for business owners
  • Participating in networking events for real estate professionals
  • Getting social on social media

Why Go To Networking Events For Real Estate Agents?

Networking events for real estate professionals are wonderful career development opportunities. These events are tailored for interests within your industry and allow you to learn about new trends, market data and solutions in your industry.

Networking events for real estate agents also let you build relationships in your industry, which can come in handy. If you find you need a real estate agent with experience in another market, knowing a few colleagues around the state or the country can be useful.

In addition, these events tend to attract vendors and businesses relevant to real estate. Networking events in real estate can help you find architects, developers, real estate photographers and other professionals who can help you in your everyday work.

Real Estate Agent Networking Questions to Ask

When building new relationships as a real estate professional, you’ll want to ask:

  • Would You Like to Exchange Cards? Exchange business cards and follow on social media.
  • Can We Stay in Touch? After an event, be the first to reach out and ask to stay in touch. This will open the door to ongoing exchanges.
  • What Do You Think About…? Ask opinions about current market events, trends and happenings in your industry. Most people like to offer their ideas, and this can lead to interesting discussions about what is happening in everyone’s professional life. Asking opinions can also help you learn from other professionals.

Networking Tips for Real Estate Agents

When you are networking, these tips will keep you on track:

  • Use a Contact Management System: As soon as you meet a new contact, put them in your system. Include details such as their name, industry, online presence and what you know about them. This can be a handy way to send out birthday greetings or to reach out when you hear about something that may interest them.
  • Have a Networking Plan: Consider why you want to network. Is it to meet mentors or to learn? Do you want to develop more prospects? Knowing what you want and how you will go about reaching your goal will help you decide what events and networking strategies are best for you.
  • Keep It Mutual: Don’t just be someone who takes — offer value back to the people you meet so they benefit from the relationship, too.
  • Have Fun: People react more positively when you are interesting and natural, so don’t be afraid to let your personality shine.

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