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Phoenix Real Estate Photography




Give us a call or book online when you acquire a new listing. We will guide you through the process & setup your session.


Join us on site for the photo shoot or stay home and relax. Either way, your photos will look perfect.


Effortlessly download the finished photos from the cloud. Show them off, sell the home, & take all the credit!

Phoenix Pricing

Our photographer will arrive on site and professionally photograph your listing. You will receive high-resolution and MLS photos through our photo delivery website. Each photo session comes with a free property website to showcase your listing.

Real Estate Photography

15 Images
  • Only for properties under 1200 square feet or for re-shoots.
  • $139
    *Pricing valid for Realtor listed homes for sale
  • $169
    *Pricing valid for FSBO, AirBNB, VRBO & homes for rent

Real Estate Photography

25 Images
  • Recommended for properties up to 2500 square feet.
  • $159
    *Pricing valid for Realtor listed homes for sale
  • $189
    *Pricing valid for FSBO, AirBNB, VRBO & homes for rent

Real Estate Photography

35 Images
  • Recommended for properties between 2500 - 4000 square feet.
  • $189
    *Pricing valid for Realtor listed homes for sale
  • $229
    *Pricing valid for FSBO, AirBNB, VRBO & homes for rent

Real Estate Photography

50 Images
  • Recommended for properties over 4000 square feet.
  • $239
    *Pricing valid for Realtor listed homes for sale
  • $289
    *Pricing valid for FSBO, AirBNB, VRBO & homes for rent

Professional aerial photography of the property by a licensed/insured drone pilot. Our pilots are fully trained to shoot exceptional aerial images and video for real estate.  

Aerial Photos

  • Up to 15 images
  • Custom property website displaying the photos with a Google Maps insert

Aerial Photos & Video

  • Up to 15 images
  • 1 Minute Fully Edited Video Footage. Branded & Unbranded Links

Give buyers a guided inside look into your listings. Each walkthrough video is roughly two minutes in length, filmed with stabilization equipment, and uploaded to Zillow and sent to you immediately to give your listings the edge they need. Starting at $79 when booked with property photography.

Want to include aerial footage in the video as well? Try our Premium Real Estate Video starting at $259!

Other Popular Add-Ons!

tc circle

Convert any daytime image to a twilight image for $19 per image! View some Twilight Image Conversion examples here!

custom flyer circle

We'll email you a custom PDF flyer for you to print. OR have us print it on UV coated, cardstock, full bleed paper and have delivered overnight! See our flyers page for more info!

VF circle

Virtual Staging - $29 per image

You can decide which style of furniture you would like placed into any room. Our editors will then work on the photos and send the finished virtually staged images next day!

room dimensions (Circle)

Room Measurements - $19

We measure each room and provide all details available for use in MLS.

Phoenix, AZ Real Estate Photographer

Photographer Photo - Randall


Randall has been shooting real estate for the past 7 years. Prior to that he has been in the building design industry creating floor plans and modeling in 3D. As a graduate of the School of Modern Photography, Randall utilizes his photographic talent, along with skills in architecture to capture visually pleasing interior and exterior images for real estate professionals and businesses alike.

Office Landline: (888) 747-3235

Office Mobile: (717) 360-8687


Randall's Portfolio

Real Estate Photography in Phoenix, Arizona


The recent growth of the Phoenix metropolitan and surrounding areas has spurred a more robust real estate market in Phoenix. To get your home noticed, you have to take the extra steps to stand out. To do so, consider using a professional home photographer to take pictures of your client's house in Phoenix, Arizona.

Professional photos will make your listing look its best. They'll show potential buyers how attractive the property is and create a neat, polished look for your marketing materials. You'll enjoy many benefits when you employ our services.


Why Use Real Estate Photographers in Phoenix, AZ?


The real estate market is competitive. Anything that can help your property distinguish itself from other listings in the same area is worth investing in for your client. When you hire us, you can:

  • Encourage people to click through your listing when they see your gorgeous photos
  • Improve your profile as a successful real estate agent who gets great results for clients
  • Attract more potential buyers to your property


The Advantages of Having Real Estate Listing Photos

Real estate professionals rely on small details to make a difference. Prospective buyers can't always pinpoint the reason they were attracted to a specific home — it can be a range of factors, and you want to give them every chance to pick your property. Just a few advantages of enlisting a professional photographer for your project include:

  • Earning a higher sales price: When you show aerial photos of a property, you'll create a high-class aesthetic. People may be willing to pay more because the property looks so appealing.
  • Selling faster: Your client wants their home to sell as soon as possible, and as their broker, your job is to make it happen. When people use our services, their homes sell more quickly than those trying to sell on their own. It usually takes about 30 days for our clients to make the sale.
  • Showcasing selling points: Every property has a few key strengths that will spark the sale. We highlight those strengths in our photos, showing people why they should make an investment and giving a fuller picture of the property than poorly lit amateur images can.
  • Encouraging social media sharing: Our attractive photos tend to gain traction on social media, where people can share them and a whole new group can see them and request a showing.


Services and Techniques Used by Our Real Estate Photographers

Our photographers will employ professional editing techniques to make your property look perfect, adjusting for factors like brightness and contrast to play up the most attractive elements of the property. We can even:

  • Add blue skies for a higher contrast between the home and the color of the sky
  • Practice twilight conversion, which will give a soft, alluring look to the property without you needing to schedule an evening session for the effect

Any advantage you can gain in the real estate market will set your client up for a faster sale at a higher price. Contact us to learn more about our services, or book your appointment today.

Arizona pricing listed on this page is relevant for this service area. A travel fee may be assessed for areas outside this range.

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Jimmy Plessinger

President, Real Estate Exposures

"Professional photography and virtual media has been proven to sell listings faster and for more money. At Real Estate Exposures we know this is your livelihood -- you're in great hands!"