Give buyers an inside look into your listings.


As technology continues to advance, so does the Real Estate industry. The internet has long been the most popular search tool for potential home buyers. Photos and video are the first thing an online viewer will notice about a listing. This is why professional online marketing for your listing is so important!

Along with professional photography, why not include video that will grab the viewers attention and generate qualified leads? Real estate listings that include a video have been proven to receive 403% more inquiries than listings without. And with posting videos to YouTube, the second most popular search engine behind Google, your listing has the opportunity to be seen more.

Real Estate Exposures offers Premium Real Estate Video, Zillow Walkthrough Videos, and Aerial Videos for Realtors. Our team has over 10 years of experience and have photographed over 10,000+ properties. You’re online video marketing plan is in good hand with Real Estate Exposures! Give your next listing a video marketing boost!

The majority of homeowners are more likely to list their property with agents who offer real estate property videos than agents who don’t. However, only a small number of real estate agents do video marketing. Why not invest in real estate property videos to get the upper hand over other agents?

If getting more homeowners to list with you isn’t a big reason to incorporate video tours into your listings, gaining increased market popularity should be. There’s been a fast degree of growth in the popularity of online video sites. Buyers are now using videos as a source of information during their home search.

In today’s real estate market, online video is a powerful way to set yourself apart. Not only will video peak buyers’ interest, it will also help you win more listings. Sellers want to work with real estate agents who go above and beyond. Offering special perks such as creating high quality video creation to your clients will help make you a more attractive agent to work with.

Our REX video production team brings properties to life with the highest quality videos ready for web, mobile, social media, and more! Our approach is to present the property from above with aerial drone video, then guide viewers through the interior highlighting key features of the home. Our photographers bring high quality DSLR cameras, lenses, sliders, and other equipment. Lastly in the video, we’ll include your branding and information. Invest in your business. A personalized premium real estate video is a perfect way to gain a competitive advantage!


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Here's why incorporating real estate property videos is worth your while:


Buyers Love Video Tours!

It’s obvious people prefer watching a video tour of your listing to looking at an array of static photos on pages of text. This is because videos are more realistic and attractive. As a result, they evoke emotion, which is the reason why people buy real estate.


Saves Time and Money

Videos give real estate agents a chance to highlight unique features of their listing. They also enable you to give buyers an inside look of the property. In the end, only buyers who are interested in the property will schedule an appointment for viewing. This frees time for agents to close other deals instead of preparing for showings that may not yield fruit.


Higher Rankings on Search Engines

For your website to rank higher on search engines, you may want to incorporate videos. Having a YouTube channel to host your real estate video content is also a great way to reach a broader market. And since Google owns YouTube, the videos posted there contribute to web page rankings. Interlinking your site with your YouTube channel can also increase your ranking in the SERPs.



Premium Real Estate videos start at $259 and extended versions start at $399. For more accurate pricing for your property's location please visit and type in your address and select the Real Estate Premium Video category. Or click the button below!



For your video marketing techniques to effectively boost your lead generation, you need two things:

1. To shoot the right types of videos

2. To market them effectively

At Real Estate Exposures, we have experienced high-quality real estate videographers to help you shoot the right type of video tours for real estate listings.

Depending on your preferences, we have the right tools to create a slideshow of photos accompanied by music. Or we can shoot stabilized real estate video walkthroughs and real estate virtual tours. Since shooting quality real estate video tours aren’t enough to increase traffic and boost sales, you need to market your real estate property videos effectively. Our team of qualified professional videographers ensure your videos are well optimized to rank better in search engines.

We’ll also ensure we include lead capture forms in the videos. Lead capture forms and call-to-action links will help you acquire leads from your viewers. And given that the main idea of creating real estate video walkthroughs is to generate leads, we’ll incorporate all essential details like contact information to improve the quality and quantity of leads.

Need real estate video tours for your listings? Call Real Estate Exposures at (888) 747-3235 or contact us to book a session now.