Using Drone Photography for Real Estate Listings

24 April, 2019

Table of Contents

  1. Why Use Drone Photos Real Estate?
  2. How to Use a Drone Video and Photos for Maximum Effect

Aerial and drone photography is becoming more and more popular among real estate agents. When you hire a professional real estate drone photographer they will work to obtain the images or videos that will help you sell your listings faster.

Why Use Drone Photos Real Estate?

There are many benefits to drone photos for real estate listings:

  • Long Shots: Panoramic photographs can highlight property amenities, such as a waterfront, nearby golf greens, stables, fields, nearby green spaces and more. These images can help interested parties picture themselves in your property listings.
  • Cinematic Photos and Videos: When you want to go for high drama, drones allow you to capture dramatic footage. You can even create theatrical trailers for a property, complete with scores.
  • Access to Elevated and Inaccessible Areas: Some properties photograph better from the ground, and for these properties, drones may not be ideal. However, if some of your listings are hard to access with a regular camera or the best angles are off a shoreline, drones can be invaluable.
  • Luxury Shoots: In today’s market, many high-end listings include drone footage to show off stunning estates from every angle.
  • Simpler Shooting of Large Properties: Sometimes, regular photography does not do your real estate listings justice. Drones can offer stunning images of large properties and highlight their size by showing the properties from above.

How to Use a Drone Video and Photos for Maximum Effect

To get the right photographs with a drone camera, make sure you:

  • Use Drones for the Right Properties: Check with a regular camera first to see whether the property looks ideal from the ground. Consider what a drone may capture. You may do a disservice to your listing if the roof and property are not in great condition. Keep in mind that a drone will pick up many details.
  • Check With Local Authorities: If the property listing is in a city or near an airport, you may be limited regarding where you can fly. You may need specific permissions in some cities or have to avoid any restricted airspace.
  • Verify You Are Protected: The person operating the drone and taking photos should have insurance and be FAA Part 107-certified to avoid any legal challenges. You will also need a Remote Pilot Certificate to operate a drone for any commercial purpose in the United States. This is why it best to work with a professional real estate photographer.
  • Have Enough Clearance: You don’t want your drone crashing into property or an object and causing damages.
  • Plan Ahead: Discuss any vision you have with your real estate photographer before the shoot.

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