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Give buyers an inside look into your listings.

As technology continues to advance, so does the Real Estate industry. The internet has long been the most popular search tool for potential home buyers. Photos and video are the first thing an online viewer will notice about a listing. This is why professional online marketing for your listing is so important!

Along with professional photography, why not include video that will grab the viewers attention and generate qualified leads? Real estate listings that include a video have been proven to receive 403% more inquiries than listings without. And with posting videos to YouTube, the second most popular search engine behind Google, your listing has the opportunity to be seen more.

Real Estate Exposures offers Premium Real Estate Video, Zillow Walkthrough Video, and Aerial Video for Realtors. Our team has over 10 years of experience and have photographed over 10,000+ properties. You're online video marketing plan is in good hand with Real Estate Exposures! Give your next listing a video marketing boost!

Premium Real Estate Videos

In today's real estate market, online video is a powerful way to set yourself apart. Not only will video peak buyers' interest, it will also help you win more listings. Sellers want to work with real estate agents who go above and beyond. Offering special perks such as creating high quality video creation to your clients will help make you a more attractive agent to work with.

Our REX video production team brings properties to life with the highest quality videos ready for web, mobile, social media, and more! Our approach is to present the property from above with aerial drone video, then guide viewers through the interior highlighting key features of the home. Our photographers bring high quality DSLR cameras, lenses, sliders, and other equipment. Lastly in the video, we'll include your branding and information. Invest in your business. A personalized premium real estate video is a perfect way to gain a competitive advantage!

Our premium real estate videos are highly customizable. We can provide a 1 - 2.5 minute video, prefect for social media, or a more in depth 2.5 - 4 minute video for your website or other digital marketing needs!

Premium Real Estate Videos

Starting at $259

Premium Real Estate videos start at $259 and extended versions start at $399. For more accurate pricing for your property's location please visit and type in your address and select the Real Estate Premium Video category. Or click the button below!

Zillow Walkthrough Videos

Zillow Walkthrough Videos allow you to highlight unique features for your properties and give buyers the inside scoop on your listings. For example, your property may be surrounded by an intense, lavish and decorative landscape. There may be multiple floors and rooms whose layouts may be better displayed with a moving video rather than a slideshow of photos. You might even be a business, wanting to give customers browsing your website a glimpse inside your building or office space to encourage more visitors.

These real estate walkthrough videos can be used on Zillow to enrich your media presence and hold buyer attention. Contact us today about scheduling a Zillow Walkthrough Video!

Zillow Walkthrough Videos are proven to help Realtors attract more customers & sell listings faster. Proprietary research by Zillow shows buyers want more photo and video media. This is an easy way to gain a competitive advantage in your marketing!

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Zillow Walkthrough Videos!

Quickly Highlight the Home

Today's buyers want to check out a listing quickly. Research has shown again and again that, when browsing through search results, whether on sites like Zillow or Google, the top links are what get the most views and interactions.

When searching for homes, most buyers and renters are interested in the bathrooms, kitchen area, bedrooms, outer appearance and overall layout for accessibility. By featuring a video that literally guides the buyer through the property, they'll be more interested in thoroughly checking out the space in person.

High Quality

Our photographers are equipped with stabilizing equipment and are trained to capture your listing quickly without skimping on quality. Whether you need a panoramic landscape view of the entire outdoor property or indoor shots that capture natural sunlight and illuminate all corners of a room, our crew can do it all. You won't feel like our crew is a burden as we can quickly and beautifully capture the essence of your building's atmosphere.

Engage Buyers

Watch. Learn. Walkthrough.

Zillow Walkthrough Videos

Starting at $69

For more accurate pricing for your property's location please visit and type in your address. Select the your preferred amount of Real Estate Photography images and then select the Video Walkthrough add-on. Or click the button below!

Meet Our Team


Each member of the Real Estate Exposures team has undergone extensive training to produce the highest quality photos, virtual media, and aerial videos. Our professional photographers strive to place great marketing resources in your hands.

Real Estate Exposures has provided photos for over 10,000 homes and businesses in the past 10 years. Our goal is to help you with your photography and virtual media needs!

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Jimmy Plessinger

President, Real Estate Exposures

"Professional photography and virtual media has been proven to sell listings faster and for more money. At Real Estate Exposures we know this is your livelihood -- you're in great hands!"