Ways to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel — Plus Hotel Photography Tips

23 September, 2018

Tourism is an extremely competitive business and industry. When you think about the sheer number of options travelers have in hotels, especially near airports and large city hubs, it can be both astonishing and overwhelming.

Because of this tight competition, it becomes extremely important to find new ways to promote your hotel. Read on for some of our ideas to increase your hotel’s digital marketing.

1. Online Ads

When researching hotels, many guests will go between TripAdvisor and Yelp to read reviews from other guests. You want to make sure your reviews stay at the top of the board, but you also want to make sure you are providing ads that can spread around the internet.

Use Google as a way to increase your popularity and hits when guests search for hotels in your area. Additionally, Facebook can use “retargeting” to promote your hotel to users who have previously looked on your page.

2. Update Your Website

Keeping your website updated and user-friendly will encourage and attract guests to thoroughly check it out. If have a blog, use posts to address customer concerns while also informing incoming guests about events and celebrations taking place. Make your site easily navigable with booking pages clearly labeled.

It also doesn’t hurt to enable translations for your site to encourage a welcoming experience for guests who don’t speak English.

3. Social Media Is Your Friend

Encourage the engagement between hotel management and guests by actively participating in social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram — all of these are ideal outlets to reach out to guests while also allowing them to reach out to you with questions and concerns.

Make sure you are dedicated to resolving angry complaints while also accepting and cherishing compliments — your even temperament will speak volumes to guests hearing about you for the first time.

4. Create Personal Experiences for Your Guests

Get to know the people staying in your hotel. By allowing guests to provide additional comments about their stay when booking a room, you’re able to cater to their memorable experience.

If you know a couple is celebrating an anniversary, offer them a complimentary drink or meal while going the extra mile to dress up their room. These tiny favors are the difference between a stay in a hotel room versus a beautiful moment of a life celebration.

5. Allow Your Photos to Be a Guest’s First Impression

One of the most important digital marketing ideas for your hotel is to capture the branding and personality of your hotel in your promotional photos. The outside appearance should be large and impressive while also inviting. Shooting exterior photos look best right after sunrise or just before sunset, to get the perfect backdrop and composition.

When you need to photograph interior rooms with windows, applying sheer curtains can cut back on harsh glares while allowing just the perfect amount of light inside.

Contact Real Estate Exposures for Your Professional Photos

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