Completion Page

What You Can Expect After Completion

Be Patient!

Our team at Real Estate Exposures will begin adding you to our online marketplace, website, mobile applications and image uploading platform. We will follow up with you to help complete this process!

Our team is diligently working behind the scenes to generate clients via email campaigns, digital marketing, SEO, PPC and many other types of marketing. Unfortunately, these do not equate to overnight success. Please be patient as we continue to grow our network and client base.

Be Prepared!

Once you are live in our platform, you will be ready to accept jobs. Our photography coordinator will be the first point of contact for scheduling related items. This is mostly done via text message. Please add 717-747-3235 into your phone as a contact. That is our office mobile number.

If you have any questions, once you are assigned a shoot, please don't hesitate to follow up and ask questions.

Completing a Shoot

Before completing your first shoot, please read over our REX Squad Handbook carefully. You can view that here: REX Squad Handbook

Media Uploads - There will be a link to upload completed media in the appointment confirmation email. You can also access media upload folders by logging into

For Matterport 3D jobs, please contact us for the login information to process the scan in our account. Don't forget to log back into your account for personal jobs.