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19 October, 2016

Data Shows Professional Photography Sells Listings Faster

Primary Goal: Help Realtors Sell Listings Faster

Our primary goal at Real Estate Exposures (REX) is to help Realtors sell their listings faster and for more money. Every Realtor wants to close listings with greater efficiency and earn a larger commission, but many are still hesitant to give professional photography a try.

Earlier this year we set out to prove that listings with professional photography actually do sell faster AND for more money.

Drawing data from over 1000 homes photographed by Real Estate Exposures during 2016 we put together a statistical study for our market area. This post reveals the results that we found from the study. Market Hotness Index for Pennsylvania and Maryland - Real Estate Statistics Days On Market PA and MD


Measurements Used

Days on Market – Do home with REXPS photography sell faster?

Days on Market is the clearest and best metric to measure the success of whether homes with REX professional photography sold faster or kept in step with the market. We pulled MLS statistics, weighted and averaged the data, and then compared it to the same data we had accumulated in-house.

We are proud to say that on average listings using Real Estate Exposures’ professional photography sell 41.5% faster than homes without professional photography. The average days on market for REX homes being 43.1!  This means realtors using REX sell homes almost a full month faster than those who are not.


Data Shows Professional Photography Sells Listings Faster


Sale Price vs List Price – Do homes with REX photography sell for more money?

To verify our claim that listings using REXPS photography sell for more money, we compared MLS data for the average Sale to List Price Ratio.  Again we came out on top!  Listings using Real Estate Exposures had an average Sale to List Price Ratio of 99.1%. The difference of 1.4% to the market means the average closing price of a four bedroom home with REXPS is $3139 dollars MORE! That means happier clients and larger commissions.


Data Shows Professional Photography Sells Listings Faster



We’re proud to offer a service that helps Realtors sell homes faster and for more money! Using Real Estate Exposures you can expect to sell homes almost a month faster and make larger commissions. What will you do with more time and more money? More importantly, what would your clients say?

If you are not already using our service we would like to extend you $30 OFF your first order with Real Estate Exposures.

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