Aerial Video for Business – Three Case Studies

5 December, 2016

aerial video for business

Aerial video for business

The application of aerial video for business is almost endless. With a drone, you unleash all sorts of possibilities: flyovers of a location, surveying of a building site, manufacturing documentation, and recreational promotion to name a few.

In 2016, Real Estate Exposures has had the privilege to work with numerous organizations in the mid-Atlantic to create aerial video and photography resources. Our clients have been nothing but pleased. This past year, our Pennsylvania-based photography company has worked with construction clients, manufacturing companies, banks, gyms, as well as multi-family and commercial real estate developers to produce marketable materials. Below are several short case studiese from pleased clients

Case Study: Production Film, Military and Commercial Fasteners

Military and Commercial Fasteners approached us with a unique request — flying a drone in their warehouse to document the sorting and production of hardware sets. Our response to MCF was, ‘If you can dream it, it can be done.’ After an exploratory conversation, we arrived at their goals. The primary objective was to create a video for a client presentation. A secondary video was also created as a marketing tool for their company.

On the day of the shoot, our pilot arrived at the MCF warehouse and expertly navigated his drone through tight spaces filled with machinery. We then worked closely with a representative of MCF to produce a branded video for the presentation and a similar unbranded video for their marketing. The video was completed within a tight deadline, pleasing the customer and proving new applications for commercial aerial photography.

Case Study: Hole #13 ‘Dangerfield’, Heritage Hills Golf Resort

Heritage Hills Golf Resort was seeking a unique perspective of their course for their marketing resources. We proposed a sample aerial video featuring the 13th hole ‘Dangerfield’. Our pilot worked with Heritage Hill’s tee times to avoid golfers and provide the best representation of the hole on a sunny day.

The finalized video contained custom branding for Heritage Hills and voice-over artist narrating the hole’s features and traps. Ultimately the client could use the video as a resource on their their website and in their social media marketing.

Case Study: Susquehanna Logistics Center, Keystruct Construction

Keystruct Construction had just finalized the Susquehanna Logistics Center, a distribution warehouse in Glen Rock, PA. They reach out to our team for documentation of the project for archival and marketing purposes. Aerial photography and video were the correct solutions due to the Susquehanna Logistics Center’s size. Our pilot was able to document the project for the client in such a manner that showed off the project’s scale, features, and construction.

What is the Application for Your Business?

Aerial video for business is a powerful marketing and sales resource. Your company can benefit from the variety of applications and solutions we offer. Our team at Real Estate Exposures can guide you through the process of creating these marketing resources. We guide you through the scope of the project, head-up communication with the FAA, capture the video and photos in a creative but professional manner, and deliver a completed video with your branding.

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