9 Homes of Christmas

22 December, 2016

Even when the weather outside is frightful, we still aim to delight our clients!

Whether you are closing five listings this week, sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace, or spending Christmas in St. Barts sunning yourself on the beach — Real Estate Exposures is diligently working hard on your listing photos.

Here are a few of our holiday favorites to get you in the Christmas spirit!

#1 – The Tactfully Decorated Listing

Decorating your home for the holidays not only makes it festive, it adds curb appeal and shows that the home is cared for!  We think the bows and garland go a long way to add to the cheer of this listing!

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures

 #2 – Display Your Hobbies & Your Tree

Just because it’s Christmas time doesn’t mean you have to completely overhaul the theme of your home! We love the fishing poles and seashells throughout this living room.  The tree just adds to the festivity!

9 homes of christmas

#3 – A Christmas Theme

Or you can go (tactfully) all in on Christmas and change the throw pillows and curtains to compliment your tree and stockings! Woo the buyers who love the holidays with your well coordinated and decorated open house!


#4 – A Grand Welcome

Nothing brightens up a home better than a well-decorated tree placed inside the front door.  Greet your friends, neighbors, and showings with this jovial gesture!

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures

#5 – Light Up the Night

A great way to get your listing noticed is to decorate it with beautiful Christmas lights!  You’ll stand out from the crowd in the online listings and give future homeowners great ideas as to how to decorate! But please, limit this to the holidays…

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures

#6 – Themed Dining Room

Perhaps everyone’s favorite part of the holidays is the food! Why not celebrate in a dining room that is every bit as beautiful as the tree — we love the wallpaper!

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures

#7 – A Playful Approach

Will you be spending the holidays with lots of kids or grandkids?  Take a playful approach to decorating with snowmen and gingerbread houses!  This dining room brings glad tidings to everyone.

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures

#8 – Classy Rustic Christmas

Maybe you’re a Pinterester or maybe you just have great style! Even when you don’t have a white Christmas you can still bring a contemporary and coordinated feel to the day through great decor!

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures

 #9 – Cozy Up by the Tree & Fire

When the day is over, snuggle up with the ones you love by the tree and watch It’s a Wonderful Life.  After all this is your last Christmas in this home!

9 homes of christmas

Merry Christmas to All

Thank you for a great year from the team at Real Estate Exposures. We wish you and yours a holiday season full of love!

chirstmas team photo real estate exposures


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