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1. Instagram is Highly Visual

Instagram is a fantastic and easy to use visual canvas platform. Put simply one can share photos and descriptions to a huge audience quickly with little effort. This makes Instagram a perfect place to post your new listings.   But make sure you have great images.  A study printed in the Wall Street Journal shows that potential home buyers engage with a dynamic front image of a home on average for 20 seconds.  These precious moments are key to showing off the listing, getting a great but brief description in front of buyers, and introducing your brand!


Our Instagram feed consists of beautiful front shots of houses & aerial videos.

2. Reach an Organic Audience for Your Real Estate Listing with Location Tags

Reaching your audience organically is simple with location tagging. When publishing a photo you are asked if you would like to provide the location, you can enter an address, a place, a city, or a country. When the image is shown in the feed the location tag is shown along with it. People love to click on these location tags and see what is nearby. Even if they click on another image with the same location tag, your image will pop up! This means you have tons of opportunities to put your listings in front of people in the chosen location whether or not they were looking for you. It's FREE brand awareness. Hashtags can also be added for a similar organic effect.

3. Go Where the People Are

Research conducted by Facebook (the owner of Instagram) and shared through their Blueprint advertising certification shows that 1 out of every 5 minutes spent on mobile in the US is on Facebook and Instagram. Simply put, if you're not publishing your listings to Facebook or Instagram then you're missing an opportunity to be in front of potential customers 20% of the time they use their phone or tablet. Nielson rates this statistic higher at 22% of the time spent on mobile devices being dedicated to these social communities.


A recent home shown with location tags and description!

4. Targeted Posts

Our final reason to use Instagram is the best of all - targeted advertising. Instagram advertising is built upon the Facebook platform using their network and database of information. This means you have huge control over the audience targeting based on location, interests, jobs, demographics, buying habits, etc. Not to mention that the advertising buy in is very modest starting at a dollar a day for campaigns based on impressions. Combine this with all the other benefits and you really have a winning platform for sharing your listings!

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