10 Perfect Thanksgiving Homes

22 November, 2016
115 Surrey Ln

Thanksgiving is all about being with family, enjoying a meal together, playing football, and being thankful for what you have!  The home is always at the center of these activities, it’s what makes them possible.

This year we want to express our thanks to the Realtors and families who make our jobs possible and celebrate by showing 10 of our favorite homes. These amazing listings are where we wish we could spend Thanksgiving!

#10 – The Perfect Yard

We really want to revel in the glory of playing football in this amazing front yard.  Who hasn’t avoided a small tree in the front yard while playing ball? It’s called adapting to circumstances.  Close your eyes for a moment and remember the good old days of throwing touchdown passes out front!

2740 Farnham_01
2740 Farnham

#9 – The Cozy Living Room

When you’ve finished playing football. Nothing beats grabbing a seat on the couch or sitting in front of the fireplace for the game while the sunsets. This is where the family gathers and the kids play!

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures
2023 Westbury Ct

#8 – The Kitchen from Memory Lane

This is where the magic happens on Thanksgiving morning. Sweet and savory smells fill the kitchen, bring family together, and calling everyone to be happy and filled with great food made with love!

7665 Green Ridge

#7 – Modern Meets Rustic

Or maybe you’re a young, urban professional following the trend of Friendsgiving, inviting another couple over to your trendy, rustic meets modern kitchen for a small meal of to-furkey.  Because, you know, vegan is the vegetarian.

real estate photography
834 E Market

#6 – Curl Up with a Good Book Living Room

Not into football? Want a moment of peace after gorging yourself on to-furkey? Curl up with the newest James Patterson novel as everyone else chats well into the evening in this beautiful living room!

725 Applewine Ct 15
725 Applewine Ct

#5 – Grab a Nap, Downstairs

Maybe you had way TOO much and you really just need to sleep it off.  Switch on the gas fireplace in the corner and fall asleep in this downstairs bedroom with gorgeous natural light!

Pennsylvania Real Estate Photography Pricing
2 Laurelford Court

#4 – Do You Even Lift? Garage Hangout

Sleeping on Thanksgiving? No way! That’s not even American! We didn’t get all we have to be thankful for by going to sleep — now get out to the garage and lift something, or at least grab a cold one out of the fridge.

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures
569 Harvest Dr

#3 – Take a Soak in Luxury

After everyone leaves for the evening, you can be thankful in your own way–ALONE. Sink into a warm tub perfumed with lavender and filled with healing Epson salts.

2 Laurelford Court 011
2 Laurelford Court

#2 – Retreat to the Man Cave

While the Mrs. is soaking, head downstairs to the only space that is truly yours: a blend of masculine and classy. Billiards anyone?

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures
2246 Spangler Circle

#1 – Say Goodnight

As the sun sets, it’s time for family to gather the left over pie and stuffing, put their coats on, and get back in the car to head home. The magic of another Thanksgiving well spent draws to a close!

969 Wetherburn Drive - Twilight
969 Wetherburn Drive

Alas, every good thing must come to an end.  They say home is where the heart is, and it’s time for us to go to ours.  Thanks for the turkey and another year of fun from Real Estate Exposures!


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