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Writing a real estate agent bio is a valuable part of being successful in real estate. With a well-written biography, you can show off your skills and give clients a reason to hire you. Before you sit down to write, take a look at our real estate agent bio tips.

Know Your Audience

To truly understand what your bio should say, you need to consider why anyone would read it. Before you write, think about your audience. Why did a potential client click the “About Me” tab? Chances are, your audience wants to know they can trust you and learn what you can do that other agents can’t, so give them what they want.

Connect With Your Area

One of the best ways to reel in potential clients is to connect with your area. Buyers are looking for someone who is familiar with their location and knows why the best properties are the best properties. Plus, relating to your area will create a sense of camaraderie between you and your client, helping to build trust.

Share What Makes You Valuable

While your audience wants to trust you, they also want you to be good at your job. Show people why you’re a fantastic agent. You can do so by sharing your sales statistics, your experience in the field and any awards you’ve won. Working together, these facts are going to show the value you provide as a real estate agent.

Reflect Your Brand

For the sake of consistency, your bio should reflect your branding. Your brand relies on a range of factors. Are you independent, or do you work under a larger company? If you manage your site, what tone do you use throughout? Your potential clients should be able to tell what kind of professional attitude you have from your bio, whether you’re fast-paced and competitive or humanistic and down to earth.

Find the Perfect Length

A two- to three-sentence bio will get you much further than a 1,000-word essay. Your about section should deliver your qualities without taking too long to read. Cater to shorter attention spans while still presenting important details by using about 250 words. In addition, break your biography into small, logical paragraphs to make skimming easier for readers.

Include Contact Information

It’s essential to remain honest and direct throughout your biography, so avoid sales-oriented language about your properties while you’re discussing your qualifications. You are essentially selling yourself, however, so remember to include contact information at the end of the bio. An impressive real estate bio is only as strong as its ability to garner new clients.

Work With Real Estate Exposures

Communicating that you utilize professional real estate photography for your listings shows that you’re willing to go above and beyond for your clients. Today’s sellers expect their home to be marketed with exemplary photos that cover all the best angles and show off bright and accurate colors. Informing your potential clients that you hire the pro’s to take photos comforts them and can sell their home faster and for more money!
Once you’ve mastered your biography, contact the pro’s at Real Estate Exposures to request an appointment to receive amazing photos of your next listing! Or give us a call at (888) 747-3235 if you have any questions about our professional photography services!

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