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Floor plans are an excellent tool and an easy way for a listing to stand out among the rest. Why is this? Well, imagine that you are looking to purchase a home. What are some things you would look for or expect? If you are like most potential buyers, your search begins online. In fact, 87% of buyers found photos and 85% found detailed information about properties for sale very useful. So not only do most house hunters use the internet, they expect to see great photos and plenty of information about a listing.

High quality listing photography is an absolute MUST in today’s real estate market. Having an appealing first image could make a difference of someone clicking to view more or just scrolling by. “Professional listing photos have been shown to attract more views, generate greater buyer interest, help homes sell faster, and at higher prices.” National Association of Realtors says in their article.

But you are an experienced and skilled real estate agent and already are using premium real estate photography! What else can give your listings an edge over the competition? Well like we mentioned above, buyers expect detailed information about the homes they’re interested in. So including a floor plan seems like a perfect fit. With floor plans, buyers can determine the comfort and the usability of space and how the rooms communicate with one another. Even though photos are good visual assets, the buyer could feel a lack of context; floor plans give structure to photos in listing.

As a Realtor, preparing a real estate property for viewing is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort. Imagine if a buyer, after viewing the property, decides not to buy it just because they didn’t like the layout? All your preparation efforts would have gone to waste.

Floor plans for real estate listings can help decrease such scenarios. Buyers may decide not to schedule a showing if they don’t like the layout by just looking at the floor plan, and only interested buyers will arrange to view a property — filtering unnecessary showings and increasing the chances of purchase.

At Real Estate Exposures, we specialize in creating high-quality real estate floor plans. Our floor plans simply and clearly present the layout and measurements and layout of the home. Like our photos, floor plans are delivered next day as well!

Starting at $89, floor plans are a useful and effective tool for potential buyers. Paired with professional real estate photography, floor plans provide a better comprehension of the property for viewers. Don’t have your listing miss out because of a lack of information!

Give Real Estate Exposures a call at (888) 747-3235 or email us at [email protected] to talk to a pro about how floor plans can give your listing an edge! More information on our Floor Plans page too!