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Real Estate Marketing Calculator

Ever wonder what kind of return you could expect on your marketing?

We put together several studies and then a tool to help Realtors like you understand how much time they could save by choosing a few key marketing tactics.  Don't guess when it comes to your marketing: take it from the company that actually did the work to find out

The ROI of High-Quality Real Estate Photography & Marketing

Is real estate photography worth it? We say a resounding: "Yes, it is!" While professional real estate photography will cost more than using your smartphone camera, it boosts revenue from real estate marketing by attracting the best buyers. Also, professional photography sells homes faster by capturing the attention of every viewer and compelling them to read the details in the description. When looking at a real estate photography pricing guide or packages it is important to think of the entire picture. Here’s a brief outline of the benefits that make professional photography for real estate is worth the price.

Benefits and Return of Real Estate Marketing & Photography

The primary advantage of hiring a real estate photographer is a rapid turnaround. Professional photography sells homes faster than amateur photos and also offers a very high ROI.

As a real estate broker or agent, you must be conscious of your ROI when you’re asked to spend additional money on photographs. But, the simple math reveals you can earn over 1000% by investing less than $200 on premium quality photographs.

Here’s a sample calculation of how to determine the return on your investment

  • The average cost of the home you want to list is $350,000
  • Your client (the seller) will pay at least 6% as sales commission
  • You will have to pay the buyer agent 2.8% commission
  • You get 20% of the commission that comes to your brokerage
  • The average price of professional photos for the listing is $170
  • Photographs contribute about 40% toward selling your listing (if buyers don't like the photos, they won't read the description)

With these simple assumptions, we can go on to calculate our ROI using this simple formula:

ROI = ((Gain from Investment - Cost of Investment)/(Cost of Investment)) x 100

  • Your net commission = $8,960
  • Gain from investment in professional photography = $3,584 (40% of $8,960)
  • Cost of investment = $170
  • ROI = (($3,584 - $170))/$170 x 100 = 2008%

That's a very high return on your investment in professional real estate photos. The great thing about using this kind of service for your listing is the positive ripple effect it has. The virtual tour or photographs for a single listing keep bringing in returns for years after you’ve sold the home in many ways, including:

  • Friends and acquaintances of the seller will see the photos and come looking for you
  • The family of the buyer will also look at the listing and call you for future property sales
  • Online shoppers will see your photos and call you because they want a similar presentation
  • The returns from a single $170 investment will keep coming in for the next three to five years

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Why Work With a Full-Service Photography Company

Many realtors avoid paying less than $200 for high-quality real estate photos. If you fall into this category, you need to check out some of the vital benefits of working with a professional photographer, which include:

  • Attracting more qualified buyers
  • Raising the price of the home
  • Selling the home fast
  • Getting noticed by other home sellers
  • Obtaining referrals

When you allow professionals like Real Estate Exposures to take photos of your listing, you’ll get outstanding images with:

  • Sharp and accurate natural colors
  • Moldings, ceilings and other parts that have brilliant whites
  • Blue skies that adorn all photos
  • Professional editing that gives correct perspective and removes distortion

To put it simply, you can see the difference between the photos we deliver and those of our competitors.

Let Us Help You Sell Your Listing Faster

We can assure you that your listing will sell at least 30 days earlier with our superior quality photos. If you want to enjoy the high returns and amazing benefits of using professional real estate photography, contact us online or give us a call at 717-747-3235 now. We’re ready to answer your questions and book a photography session at the most convenient time for you.

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