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Property listings are a massive part of the real estate marketing process. A vast majority of property searching happens online, so your listing description is one of the best ways to showcase your property alongside some quality photos. Take a look at our property description tips to get the most from your real estate listing.

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Craft an Attention-Grabbing Headline

When a buyer is scrolling through numerous property listings, one of the aspects most likely to get their initial attention is the headline or title of your listing. To create an attention-grabbing headline, include something great about the property or its location. For example, “Outer Banks Bungalow Minutes From the Beach” says much more about a property than “Small House in North Carolina.”

Start With a Powerful Opening Statement

While your headline needs to capture attention, your opening statement should keep it. What are the best qualities of your property? Showcase the most favorable characteristics in the first sentence. For our beach bungalow, the opening statement could say, “This two-bedroom bungalow, only a seven-minute drive from the beach, comes with a carport, patio and fire pit to make your beach-living dreams come true.” Selling points like distance from the beach and the fire pit set this property apart.

Use the Right Home Description Words

Word choice matters when it comes to selling a property. Bold words like “luxurious” and “captivating” have performed well in real estate listings. Other notable buzzwords include “landscaped,” “remodeled” and “beautiful.” While these words all prove to increase chances of a sale, other words like “fixer,” “potential” and even “nice” have underperformed in listings. As a writer, you tell the reader what to feel, so it’s crucial that you mind your word choice.

Create an Accurate Description

Using words with positive associations is an excellent practice for listing descriptions, but it’s also important to stay accurate and realistic. If you continue to throw out words like “captivating” and “luxurious” for a property that is definitively not those things, you’re going to end up with a disappointed client. Focus on the good traits of a home without overselling them, and if the property truly is a “fixer-upper,” make sure your price reflects that.

Close With a Call to Action

Once you’ve written a stellar property description, you need to encourage buyers to take the next step. Tell them to contact you or schedule an appointment at the end of your listing, and if you want to energize buyers further, create a sense of urgency by reminding them that properties sell fast.

Contact Real Estate Exposures for Property Photos

Your property listing descriptions will perform highly with excellent property photos. At REX, our photography professionals take pictures from all the right angles and bring out the bright whites and beautiful colors of a property. We can also add a blue sky to any photo or a twilight sky for ambiance. If you’re looking for further property imaging, you’ll be happy to know that we also offer an optional 3D virtual tour package. Get started on enhancing your property marketing by contacting us or request an appointment today.

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