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how to sell smart home benefits

Whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market, the homes you list must stand out from the crowd. One way to make your listings more attractive and appealing to potential buyers is to highlight any smart devices or smart technologies installed in the houses. One study from the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) found that one-quarter of all home buyers were much more or somewhat more interested in adding smart home technology in 2020 than in the past.

From security systems to thermostats, smart home devices can be what makes your listings stand out. Here’s how to make the most of smart home technology to get interested buyers and land more offers for your clients.

the benefits of smart homes

The Benefits of Smart Homes

When highlighting the pros of smart home technology in your listings, it pays to think like a buyer. Why should they care about a thermostat, security system or programmable lights? Here are a few benefits to focus on:

Energy Savings

Many smart home devices, such as smart thermostats or programmable lights, help people conserve energy, leading to lower utility bills. For example, smart thermostats can learn people’s habits and program themselves to turn up or down at certain times based on when people will be home, asleep or at work. Smart lights can turn on when residents are nearly home and off again when the house is empty.

One way to highlight the energy savings from smart technology is to show buyers some numbers. For example, turning down the thermostat about seven degrees for eight hours a day can shave about 10% off a home’s energy bill. Your listing can highlight the energy-saving smart home devices installed in the house and describe exactly how much they’ve helped the current owner save.

Insurance Savings

Homebuyers who take out mortgages usually need to buy homeowners insurance. Even without a mortgage, an insurance policy is a good choice, as it protects the buyer’s investment. The more a homeowner does to make their home safe and reduce the risk of damage or theft, the more attractive the house will be to an insurance provider. Lower risk tends to be mean lower premiums.

Your listings can highlight the opportunity for lower insurance premiums due to smart technologies. For example, a home with a security system can be less of a target for thieves, meaning an insurance company might offer a discount on the premium. Another example of a smart home device to highlight is a meter that detects water in the basement. If the basement floods or a pipe bursts, the meter can send a signal to the homeowner so they can take action before the damage is severe.

If you’re working with buyers, it’s a good idea to mention the benefits of smart home technology to them as they shop for a homeowner’s insurance policy. You might recommend they look for an insurance company that offers discounts for smart technology, helping them save money and making them more likely to work with you again.

There’s an added benefit of getting a better price on a homeowners insurance policy. It also means that, if anything goes wrong in a home, the damage will likely be manageable and not devastating. A buyer wants the assurance and peace of mind of knowing that should something happen, they can minimize the damage and get it fixed quickly and affordably.

Increased Home Security

According to the NAR survey, technology that improves or promotes home security ranks near the top of many buyers’ lists. People are willing to pay more for a home with features such as a home security system or smart doorbell.

A smart home security system can offer protection in several ways. It might have cameras that monitor the home when no one is around. A homeowner can review footage to see if someone was prowling or lurking around their property. The system might also send an alert if someone tries to force their way into the house, either through a locked door or window. Some smart home security systems let people lock their doors from a distance so they can avoid the nagging concern that they left the doors unlocked when they left for the day.

Remote Home Control and Monitoring

Many smart systems include remote access so people can check in on their homes or make adjustments when they’re on vacation or at work. You can promote remote home control and monitoring to buyers in a listing in several ways. If you are selling in a neighborhood that’s pet-friendly or where many families with kids live, you can note how a security camera system lets homeowners keep tabs on their pets and kids even when they’re away. The cameras let a homeowner check in on the family dog during the day or see if they’re getting into trouble.

Remote control options have several benefits for homeowners, from lowering energy use to confirming that they did turn off the stove or lock the doors. Controlling a home remotely increases buyers’ peace of mind while also letting them fix anything they might have forgotten to do in the rush to get out of the door.

Improved Appliance Functionality

Homebuyers typically want new and improved appliances. If possible, they’d like to avoid buying a home where they’d have to replace the fridge or washing machine within a few years. Smart home appliances tend to be newer, meaning that a buyer can feel confident that they are likely to get many years of use out of them.

Smart technology can also improve the function of appliances, extending their life span. For example, an HVAC system that isn’t constantly cycling on and off will last longer than one that cycles constantly. A refrigerator that can tell someone its contents without them opening the door will use less energy and is likely to last longer than one that doesn’t.

Appliances that can remind their owners of maintenance tasks and upkeep requirements will also function better and last longer than those that don’t. Highlight the extended life span and lower cost of ownership of smart appliances in your listing to grab the buyer’s attention. You can also describe the home’s appliances in real estate flyers you give to potential buyers.

showcasse your smart home listings with Real Estate Exposures

Showcase Your Smart Home Listings With Real Estate Exposures

Photos and videos in your listings can go a long way when highlighting the value of smart home technology. High-quality photographs let you showcase the best features, while a video tour lets people see the technology in action. Contact Real Estate Exposures today to request an appointment and see how you can elevate your listings to get more sales.