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As a VRBO or Airbnb property owner, you likely understand the number of bookings on your rentals will influence the amount you take home at the end of the day. If you’ve been asking yourself, “How do I attract guests to my Airbnb bookings?” or if you’re looking for tips on how to increase VRBO bookings, this post is for you. We’ll go over what you can do to attract more guests and increase rental bookings.

1. Give Brief Yet Accurate Descriptions of Your Listings

Transparency is among the qualities guests value most. While it may be tempting to gloss over the not-so-pleasant details, hiding the truth about a given rental’s details can work to your disadvantage. A negative review from an unsatisfied customer will definitely hurt your likelihood of finding renters — and if you’re accused of being deceitful, this accusation will damage your chances in more ways than one.

Being brief also helps, since people generally lose interest after spending a minute or two on one post. Keep your posts short but ensure that they contain all the necessary details.

2. Update Your Listings Regularly

Your listing descriptions should be updated whenever any changes are made. Is there a new restaurant near one of your listings? Be sure to include this detail. When a property is renovated, you shouldn’t forget to include this in your listing. You should also change your descriptions to go with the seasons. For example, using the word “warm” in your description during the cold months will attract more traffic to your listing. In short, the information you include in your listings should change a few times during the year. If you can change your images as well, that’s even better.

3. Ensure That You Use Great Photos

You cannot compromise on photos where your rental is concerned. In today’s competitive market, smartphone photos simply won’t work. Get a professional photographer to take images for your listing to increase your bookings on sites like Airbnb and VRBO. Aside from getting professionally done photos, you should go a step further and include numerous photos for every listing. Let your photos capture all the details to entice guests to book your listings.

4. Make a Lasting Impression

If visitors like your accommodations, they’ll come back for more — and even recommend their friends and family to you. In addition to ensuring your listings are as accurate as possible, you should also do your part to keep your guests happy. Remain in touch with the guests throughout their stay and offer help wherever possible. Making sure your guests have a good experience can earn you repeat clients.

Increase Your Rental Rates With Real Estate Exposures

Try employing some of these tips if you’re wondering how to increase vacation rental bookings. These tactics work for different platforms and are ideal if you want to know how to increase Airbnb bookings or VRBO rentals.

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