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Penn Avenue Salon & Spa

Google Business Virtual Tour Case Study with Statistics

Penn Avenue Salon & Spa Business Profile

Penn Avenue Salon & Spa is a new salon in West Reading, PA that was looking for ways to differentiate their business in Google search and on social media. Their business is in the highly competitive marketing of providing hair styling and color, nail care, skin care, make-up design, and massage therapy.

Penn Avenue wanted to be able to showcase the high-end facilities of the salon and spa through premium photography and provide their customers the ability to take a virtual walk through of their establishment. Real Estate Exposures was there to help!

As a Google Trusted Agency, Real Estate Exposures was able to guide Penn Avenue Salon and Spa through the process of creating premium photography of their business & crafting a Google Business Virtual Tour.  This case study talks about the process of these two products and measuring the return with statistics.

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures
Photograph by Real Estate Exposures

Understanding the Need

When the inquiry came in from Penn Avenue Salon and Spa, Real Estate Exposures connected them with our trusted photographer, Lori Minotto.

Through a conversation Lori understood the business's needs and was able to suggest the following services:

With this in mind, she scheduled a date and time with Penn Avenue Salon & Spa to photograph when the business would not be serving patrons.

Virtual Tour and Photography Creation

The day of the shoot, Lori arrived at the establishment and took a quick walkthrough to plan how best to document the space. She communicated with the staff the creating the Google Business Virtual Tour would require 360-degree photos and would be best if the rooms were empty at the time of photography. Once the location was ready, completing the virtual walk-through and photographing the establishment took less than an hour. Lori then communicated with the Real Estate Exposures in-house team to edit the photos and create the Google Virtual Business Tour.

Penn Avenue Salon & Spa Photos

Measuring the Return On Investment & Metrics

As a small business, Penn Avenue Salon and Spa was looking for an affordable solution to their marketing that would provide a great ROI over a longer period of time. The Google Business Virtual Tour solution is an excellent example of this. With an affordable upfront cost to implement and a semi-permanent solution -- so long as the business doesn't renovate or refresh their look -- Penn Avenue can keep their virtual walk-through for 5+ years, driving the cost per month of marketing down.  The overall cost is less than $5 a month for this time period.

When creating a Google Business Virtual Tour for Penn Avenue Salon & Spa, Real Estate Exposures also set up their Google My Business profile. This allows for business listing information to be changed including hours of operation and location, but most importantly, it setups the metric system to review how your Google presence is performing.  You can then tweak your profile and imagery for optimal performance.

Let's take a quick look at the actual numbers for this business:

How customers search for your business


This metric shows that with a completed Google My Business profile including a Google Business Virtual Tour, more than 50% of the customers finding Penn Avenue Salon & Spa are coming from discovery type searches.  This means they are searching for a category, product, or service similar to what the Penn Avenue is offering.  By having images and a virtual tour, customers can then engage with Penn Avenue right from Google.

Customer actions


These are the actions taken on the Google Business Listing and Maps listing of Penn Avenue Salon and Spa.  Within the first 30 days of having a listing, Penn Avenue received 220 photos views, which includes the Business Virtual Tour views, amongst 34 visits to the website and 5 requests for directions.  Should the total cost of creating a Google Business Virtual Tour be compared with the number of website visits, it's less than $10 a lead within a month.  In perpetuity, the sky's the limit -- ROI becomes almost infinite!

Where customers view your business on Google


Over one-third of Penn Avenue Salon & Spa's searches are coming from their listing on Google Maps. This listing contains their Google Business Virtual Tour making it incredibly easy for the customer to See Inside their establishment by clicking on the tour.

When comparing the total number of searches for the first 30 day period with the actions taken on the photos, there is an over 50% ratio of actions to searches meaning people are viewing the business's media.


Penn Avenue Salon & Spa has experienced increased traffic growth to the website and high engagement through their Google Business Virtual Tour.

  • More than half of their 30-day traffic was through discovery search, meaning customers searching for a similar product are finding their salon organically.
  • Over one-third of their search traffic is coming through Google Maps or Street View where the customer can view inside the business instantaneously.
  • Over 15% click through rate to the website on engaged customer searches.

Real Estate Exposures is proud to have guided Penn Avenue Salon & Spa in the creation of their Google Business Virtual Tour and would love to work with your business.

Photograph by Real Estate Exposures

More Resources

Google has published a study with statistics that show a completed Google My Business profile yields higher search traffic, high perceived relevance by the customer, and greater levels of interaction with the business. Click here to read the study by Google.

What are you waiting for?

Engage clients right when it matters most.


What are you waiting for?

Engage clients right when it matters most.