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Market with Custom Listing Flyers

  Benefits of Using Custom Marketing Flyers in Real Estate In today’s digital age it is rare to have a hard copy of anything. Creating a custom listing flyer for your properties gives you an edge in several ways: 1. Tangibility Equals Top of Mind in Real Estate Flyers are tangible. They aren’t like emails…

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Sell Listings 30 Days Faster With Professional Real Estate Photography

Primary Goal: Help Realtors Sell Listings Faster Our primary goal at Real Estate Exposures (REX) is to help Realtors sell their listings faster and for more money. Every Realtor wants to close listings with greater efficiency and earn a larger commission, but many are still hesitant to give professional photography a try. Earlier this year we…

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High Resolution Real Estate Photos to Market Listings

    One of the things our clients have repeatedly shared with us is feedback from homeowners: “The pictures are so crisp and clear online!” This has a lot to do with the high resolution of the images that just can’t be gotten with a phone. Today’s professional cameras provide incredibly high resolution photos with…

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